License Renewal

Biennial License Renewal

In 2012 legislative session, the licensing renewal period was updated that all licenses will expire on May 31st and shall be renewed on a biennial basis and no longer based on birthdays.  

At the time of renewal, proof of 48 hours of continuing education in the past two years is required, 24 hours of C.E. for each year. Only those licensees due for renewal will receive a license renewal notification.

New licensees renew on the first May 31st after they are licensed, then begin the two year cycles.


Inactive License Status

An inactive license status was created for Kansas during the 2003 legislative session. It is hoped that this status will be a convenience for licensed optometrists who wish to retire from practice but remain active professionally. It will also be a convenience for those who practice in another state but wish to remain licensed in Kansas, those who are taking a sabbatical from practice, or those on extended maternity leave. Requirements for inactive license status differ only from active status in the area of continuing education. It will not be necessary to submit proof of continuing education at renewal. When an inactive licensee seeks to change status to active, it will be necessary at that time to submit evidence of 24 hours per year of continuing education for the years of inactive status.


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Questions about license renewals may be directed to:

Kansas State Board of Examiners in Optometry
Jan Murray, Executive Officer
3109 W 6th Street, Suite A
Lawrence, KS 66049