Kansas Statutes

Statutes (MSWord document)

For complete Optometry Law please see both Statutes and Rules and Regulations. 

Chapter 65- Public Health

Article 15 - Regulations of Optometrists

  • 65-1501.  Practice of optometry defined; exclusions; standard of care in diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma; low vision rehabilitation services

  • 65-1501a.  Definitions

  • 65-1502.   Who deemed practitioners.

  • 65-1503. Repealed

  • 65-1504. Repealed

  • 65-1504b.   Unlawful to dispense opthalmic lens or lenses without prescription order.

  • 65-1505.  Qualifications of practitioners; examinations; professional liability insurance; fees; reciprocal licensure; rules and regulations criteria for approval of schools or colleges; criminal history record check;

  • 65-1506. Repealed

  • 65-1507. Repealed

  • 65-1508.   Act not to prevent persons licensed to practice medicine from performing certain acts or services; authorizing the delegation of certain examination procedures to assistants;

  • 65-1509.  Notification of location of practice; biennial license renewal, fee; inactive status license; expiration of license, notice; cancellation of license; reinstatement, fee

  • 65-1509a.  Continuing education requirements.

  • 65-1510. Repealed

  • 65-1511.   Partial invalidity of act

  • 65-1512.   Title of act

  • 65-1513.   Violation of act

  • 65-1514.  Act supplemental

  • 65-1515.   Immunity from liability in civil actions for reporting, communicating and investigating certain information concerning alleged malpractice incidents and other information; conditions

  • 65-1516.   Professional incompetence; unprofessional conduct; defined

  • 65-1517.  Revocation, suspension or limitation of license; censure; grounds.

  • 65-1518.  Administrative proceedings; procedure; review; civil enforcement; costs.

  • 65-1519.   Federal trade regulations; defense of certain acts

  • 65-1520.   Mental or physical examination of licensee; computation of time limit for hearing

  • 65-1521.   Reinstatement of license after revocation.

  • 65-1522.   Professional corporations, limited liability company, associations, sole practitioners; practice locations, franchise agreements

  • 65-1523.   Injunctive relief for violations of act, rules and regulations.

  • 65-1524.   Practice of optometry by corporation or limited liability company prohibited, exceptions

  • 65-1525.   Confidentiality of communications.

  • 65-1526.   Civil fine.

Article 28 - Healing Arts

  • 65-2887.   Assisting unlicensed persons to practice optometry not authorized; exceptions.

Article 49 - Health Care Providers

  • 65-4965.   Citation of act

  • 65-4966.   Patient entitled to receive copy of contact lens prescription; disclosures; prescription limitations

  • 65-4967.   Definition of person dispensing contact lenses for purposes of section; persons mailing or delivering contact lenses to patients in Kansas; registration requirements; fees; temporary suspension or limitation of registration;

  • 65-4968.   Revocation of registration or license for failure to comply with requirements of act; civil fines for violations; disposition of moneys; injunction remedy for violations; enforcement of act.

  • 65-4969.   Contact lens advisory council established; membership on council; expenses of members

Chapter 32. -Wildlife, Parks, and Recreation

Article 9. - Licenses, Permits, Stamps other Issues

  • 32-933.   Physical or visual disability, assistance permit

Chapter 48. --Militia, Defense and Public Safety

Article 34.--Licenses in Military Service

  • 48-3401.   Definitions.

  • 48-3402.   Validity of licenses continued; renewal fees and conditions held in abeyance during service.

  • 48-3403.   Payment of renewal fee, time; continuing education requirement.

  • 48-3404.   Inapplicability of act in certain cases; license expiration, suspension or revocation set aside; default in disciplinary action, motion to set aside.

  • 48-3405.   Lapse in insurance coverage during service, license saved

  • 48-3406. Expedited state licensure procedure if licensed, registered or certified in another state for military servicemembers or military spouses.

  • 48-3407. Licensure for military service members; educational requirements; military service education, training or service

Chapter 74.--State Boards, Commissions and Authorities

Article 15.--Board of Examiners in Optometry

  • 74-1501.   Board of examiners in optometry; appointment; qualifications; vacancies; removal

  • 74-1502.   Board of examiners in optometry; records; quorum.

  • 74-1503.  Officers; compensation and expenses; fees, disposition; optometry fee fund; optometry litigation fund.

  • 74-1504.   Same; powers and duties; examinations; meetings.

  • 74-1505.  Interprofessional advisory committee; appointment; duties

Article 32.--Higher Education Coordination; State Board of Regents

  • 74-3270.   Guaranteed admission of Kansas residents at schools of optometry.

  • 74-3271.   Optometry schools or colleges, guaranteed admission of Kansas residents; agreements; practice obligation.

  • 74-3272.   Same; failure to satisfy obligation; repayment, interest rate; waiver, when

  • 74-3272a.   Optometry education repayment fund; administration.

  • 74-3273.   Same; repayment obligation postponed or satisfied, when.